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Women’s gold necklaces

Jewelry has its roots in antiquity. The Minoan and Mycenaean civilization was famous for the jewelry it created. The Minoans made exquisite chains of gold wire, while the Mycenaeans made elaborate gold necklaces that today have artistic value. The ancient Egyptians also made impressive gold necklaces.

Gold necklaces over the years

In classical times, social classification could be defined by a single piece of jewelry. Jewelry made of gold and precious stones was worn exclusively by the nobles. In the Middle Ages, necklaces with precious stones were also worn as amulets, as it was believed that precious stones in combination with the precious metal had beneficial properties for the wearer and protected him from evil.

Also the Renaissance period had a significant influence on the history of necklaces and jewelry in general. Religion was strongly integrated into the designs and the ancient art of gemstone carving reappeared. Large chains and pendants made their appearance. Necklaces ornate carved with precious stones.

The change in fashion has affected jewelry

Over the years, the change in fashion has combined dark colors with gold, while light colors with silver, precious stones and pearls. Of course, today it is not so much the color of the clothes we wear that matters, but the combination we want to make with our jewelry and the style that suits us.

There are various designs of gold necklaces on the market. Minimal necklaces with thin gold chains, large ornate necklaces as well as necklaces with precious stones that give them glow and color. They can be worn in combination 2-3 together or more giving a modern note or they can be worn individually. In any case a necklace highlights and emphasizes and beautifies the woman’s neck.

Also the color of a gold necklace may differ. It can be yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Usually yellow gold is suitable for warm skin tones, as well as pink, white for cooler skin tones. There is also the intermediate tone (between hot and cold), which suits both yellow and pink and white gold. There are also modern necklaces that have two shades.

Carats of gold

In the manufacture of jewelry there are the following carats of gold: 6K / 8K / 9K / 14K / 18K / 22K / 24K and it has to do with the content of the metal in gold. 9K, 14K and 18K are mostly used in goldsmithing. 22K and 24K are rarely used due to their extremely high cost.

14k gold is more durable than 18K gold, as the purer the gold is, the softer the metal is. For this reason in the modern necklace trade they prefer 14K gold chains and in some cases 9K.

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