Three timeless types of jewelry

The Greek word jewel ”kosmima” comes from the verb ”kosmo” which means adorn. The adornment of women and men with jewelry is not only found in modern times. People started making jewelry from prehistoric times and they were made from raw materials such as stones, shells, animal teeth, bones and nuts. The purpose of their creation was to attract the opposite sex and for beautification. Over time, they were also used as amulets.

Pearl jewelry

Pearls have long been associated with beauty, elegance and purity. In ancient times they were used in medicine believing that they have healing properties and in some cultures that they can lead them to immortality.

Over the years they began to be used in the jewelry manufacture and the result was impressive. Wonderful earrings that give an aristocratic style, necklaces that embrace and highlight the neck of every woman, bracelets that emphasize the wrist, as well as rings that give elegance to the fingers.

Today there is a great variety in designs from pearl jewelry. They can be worn from morning to night and by all ages. They are considered one of the favorite jewelry of women.

Jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones

The art of carving precious and semi-precious stones has its roots in antiquity. Over the years they began to be tied to metals and used as jewelry or amulets. Each stone was associated with certain properties which were beneficial for the person who wore them and protected him from evil. This idea still exists.

Jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones was (and is to this day) particularly impressive and gave beauty, glamor and prestige. In Classical Times, social classification could be defined by a single piece of jewelry. Jewelry made of precious metals and precious / semi-precious stones was worn exclusively by the nobles.

After the Renaissance and with the development of goldsmithing this changed and jewelry became available in the middle class. More and more people had access to them and started wearing them giving glow to their looks.

In modern times we find an extremely large variety of jewelry designs with precious and semi-precious stones. Shiny necklaces, stylish bracelets, elegant rings and earrings for all hours. Depending on the style that each woman and man wants to adopt and depending on the occasion, they can choose between the most simple to the most impressive jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

Jewelry with diamonds

Diamonds are considered women’s best friend. They are high on their wish list. They have been used in goldsmithing for centuries, giving jewelry glow, elegance and beauty. They were a symbol of wealth and they are found on most crowns. They are also known for their hardness and durability.

The creation of diamonds dates back 40,000,000 years ago, while the first mine dates back to 3000 B.C. in India. We find diamonds in different colors, but the more transparent it is, the more valuable it is considered. Their value is evaluated based on their color, their weight (carats), their purity (if they have spots) and their cut.

It is the most precious of the stones that exist and can accompany us from our simplest to our most special moments giving elegance and glow. There are many designs on diamond jewelry on the market. Impressive or more simple and minimal. Small which are also quite affordable or bigger and more expensive. The only thing that’s for sure is that it should not be missing from any woman’s jewelry box.

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