Silver necklace
Aphrodite necklace
Sterling silver Gold plated 18k Fresh water pearl
Bracelet/Choker Iolites & Pearls
Bracelet/Choker Iolites & Pearls
Sterling silver Gold plated Iolite stones Fresh Water Pearls
Bracelet/Choker Pink Quartz
Bracelet/Choker Pink Quartz
Sterling silver Gold plated Pink Quartz stones Fresh Water Pearls

Women’s silver choker

Jewelry has its roots in antiquity. One of the first metals used by man to make jewelry was silver. It has been known since prehistoric times (5th millennium BC) to the peoples living in Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Middle East.

Necklaces over the centuries

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were famous for their silver jewelry. The necklaces fited perfectly on the body, as did the rest of the jewelry they made. In the Middle Ages, necklaces with precious stones were worn by nobles and priests. Τhey also wore them as amulets. Τhe Renaissance period had a significant influence on the history of necklaces and jewelry in general. Religion was strongly incorporated into the designs and the ancient art of gemstone carving reappeared, creating elaborate and striking necklaces that had glow and color.

Woman’s choker

The woman’s necklace that is short and goes around the neck is called choker. Chokers have been around for thousands of years. They first appeared in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. They were made of gold or lapis lazuli and were believed to have protective properties against evil spirits.

Historical background of chokers

Chokers have historically been associated with haute couture. In the 19th century the fashion of big chokers reached its peak, as women of the time used them to hide scars on the neck. They reappeared strongly in the 70’s and 90’s, while after 2010 chokers became a “must have” for most women.

Today’s choker

Today there are many choker designs to suit every woman’s style. They are made of different materials and have different sizes. There are thin and discreet chokers or bigger and more impressive. Also women’s choker can be made of fabric or leather, gold, silver or other metals. There are chokers adorned with stones and pearls that give color and glow or more simple.

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