Gold ring
Azalea ring
Yellow gold 14k Black zircon stones
Gold ring
Io ring
Yellow gold 14k White brilliant 0.006ct
Gold ring
Selene ring
Yellow gold 14k White brilliant 0.006ct
Gold ring
Diamond & Emerald ring
Rose gold 18k Diamond 0.07ct Emerald 0.05ct
Gold ring
Navette ring
Rose gold 18k Emerald 0.07ct One of a kind chevalier
Gold ring
Aura ring
Rose gold 18k Emeralds prinscess cut 0.32ct
Gold ring
Love ring
Yellow gold 14k Aquamarine stones
Emerald ring
Emerald ring
Rose gold 14k Emerald 0.53ct
Tourmaline ring
Tourmaline ring
Rose gold 18k Tourmaline 0.35ct No 54
Gold ring
Aqua ring
Yellow gold 14k White Brilliants 0.05ct Aquamarine stone 0.23ct

Women’s gold rings

Jewelry has its roots in antiquity. Around 2000 BC. rings were worn for the first time. They consisted of a gold wire that wound around the finger and had a carved precious stone on it. Social classification could be defined by a single piece of jewelry. Jewelry made of gold and precious stones was worn exclusively by the nobles. In particular, women wore rings as a sign of wealth and power they had thanks to their husbands.

The gold rings over the years

There are various designs of gold rings. From simple wedding rings and engagement rings to sevalies for the little finger as well as special ones with or without stones.

Wedding rings like rings in antiquity

Wedding rings like rings of union between spouses are supposed to come from Egypt, where the circle symbolized eternity, without beginning and end. During the Roman period, the wedding ring as an engagement ring was given by the man to the chosen one of his heart. They wore it on the left hand on the fourth finger, as they believed that there was a vein that connected this finger with the heart. The differentiation of the wedding ring beteween the engagement ring prevailed during the 15th century in France, where the engagement ring was gold with a single stone while the wedding ring was a simple gold one.

Rings as tools and weapons

Rings have also been used over the centuries as objects for stamping documents with symbols (seal stones) as well as for protection against enemies. Something like this is found in the 16th century where the Poison Rings were created. Their inspiration comes from ancient Greece and Asia. They were made of gold or silver, which had a stone on top of them and inside they hid poison. It could be used to neutralize the enemy, poisoning him or used by the wearer so that he would not fall into the hands of the enemy.

Chevalier, the ring of the knights

Another type of ring is chevalier ring. Chevalier got its name from the French word Chevalière which means knight, as it was worn on the little finger of those who held the rank of knight. The officials of the medieval Masonic lodges also wore them on their little finger. Chevalier, was also worn by kings and noble men. They showed power and authority and in some cases functioned as seals. In modern times they are symbols of elegance and beauty, giving an aristocratic feel and women wear them a lot in their daily lives.

The change in fashion also affected jewelry

Over the years, the change in fashion has combined dark colors with gold, while light colors with silver, precious stones and pearls. Of course, today it is not so much the color of the clothes we wear that matters, but the combination we make with our jewelry and the style we want to give to each of our looks.

Gold rings with pearls give beauty, uniqueness and elegance to women’s hands. Gold rings with stones, depending on the size and color of the stone, give romance, dynamism and elegance. While the gold ring without stones, intricately carved or completely simple, gives a note of strength or minimalism respectively. Finally, do not forget that the color of gold can vary in each case. It can be yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.

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