Gold earrings
Star shield earrings
Yellow gold 9k White brilliants 0.012ct
Gold earrings
Half Moon earrings
Gold 9k Yellow gold
Emerald stud
Emerald stud
Rose gold 18k Emerald 0.075ct
Aurora gold earrings
Aurora earrings
Gold 14k Yellow gold
Earrings Hoops with pearls
Earrings Hoops with pearls
Pink gold 9k Fresh Water Pearls
Earrings gold with fw pearls and diamonds
Earrings Pearls & Diamonds
Yellow gold 14k White Brilliants 0.25ct Fresh Water Pearls
Earrings gold tourquise tourmaline
Earrings Turquοise & Tourmaline
Pink gold 14k Turquοise stones Pink Tourmalines
Earrings gold with quartz and iolites
Earrings Turquοise & Quartz
Pink gold 14k Brown Brilliants 0.02 ct Turquοise stones Smoky...
Earrings Sun’s Eye
Pink gold 14k Brown Brilliants 0.10 ct
Gold blade earrings with diamonds
Blade Earrings P. Gold
Pink gold 18k Brown Brilliants 0.47 ct
Earrings white gold with diamonds
Blade Earrings W. Gold
White gold 18k White Brilliants 0.47ct

Women’s gold earrings

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification in the world. The first earrings date back to the Bronze Age and had a magical-religious character. Their form was a simple small circle. Over the centuries, however, they acquired various shapes. It was made of metal, gold or silver.

Historical background on gold earrings

The Sumerians as well as the Romans adorned the earrings they made with precious stones. The Etruscans used a lot the yellow gold for earrings construction. In ancient Greece the earrings were simply in the shape of a disc.

During the Middle Ages, due to strict customs, earrings and jewelry in general almost disappeared, making their appearance during the Renaissance, complementing the luxurious costumes of the time. Enamel earrings and precious stones that gave them color, carved with Arabic symbols or with pearls, made from gold or silver. Long earrings that accentuated and highlighted the female neck and face.

We had a special flourish in the impressively made gold earrings during the Byzantine period. The earrings at that time were impressive which gave great glamor.

Today’s earrings

Over the centuries many designs of earrings have been created. Today women wear them every day. There are many designs for all occasions and tastes. There are earrings with clip for those women who do not have pierced ears. Long earrings or stud earrings, with stones and with pearls, hoop earrings small or large or earrings simple and discreet.

Gold earrings

Sometimes, because the ears are sensitive, when we pierce them and wear earrings made of other metals (bronze, copper) an allergy can be created. For this reason many women prefer gold earrings, as gold does not cause allergies. We also find the color of gold in three shades. It can be yellow, white or pink gold. In addition, carats of gold start at 6K and reach up to 24K.

Discover our collection of gold earrings

Gold earrings for women in pink, yellow, or white gold, with precious and semi-precious stones that give them glow and color. Impressive or in simpler lines, for all women and occasions.