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Marie ring
Sterling silver Mademoiselle collection is all about feminine curves that...
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Sterling silver Sense of self collection features pieces inspired by...
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Sterling silver Sense of self collection features pieces inspired by...
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Sterling silver Mademoiselle collection is all about feminine curves that...
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Sterling silver Sense of self collection features pieces inspired by...

Women’s silver rings

In the Middle Ages, silver rings were given as an engagement gift and had intricate patterns or shapes on them. They were also used for protection against enemies. Those were rings made of gold or silver, which had a stone on top of them and inside they hided poison.

During the Victorian period, only people of high society could buy silver jewelry decorated with precious stones and diamonds. Specifically, women wore rings as a sign of wealth and power they had thanks to their husbands.

However, with the development of jewelry making and silver processing cheaper silver jewelry began to be produced and in this way became available to the middle class.

Today’s silver rings

Rings are a source of charm for the wearer, they are a symbol of elegance and beauty. They are an important accessory in every woman’s life. There are many designs with rings made of silver, which can be worn in combination or each on its own. Rings intricate, carved, with seal stones, with precious stones or imitation stones (zircon), with pearls, rings in simpler lines, sevalier rings, as well as midi rings worn over the point where the finger bends.

Silver ring with seal stone

Seal stones have their roots in prehistoric Greece, Egypt and Babylon. They have engraving representations with symbols or letters and were used for stamping documents or letters. They also were worn as amulets. In classical times they were placed on rings. Today they are worn by men and women and give a special note to their style.

Silver chevalier ring

Chevalier ring got its name from the French word Chevalière which means knight, as it was worn on the little finger of those who held the rank of knight. The officials of the medieval Masonic lodges also wore it on their little finger. Chevalier rings was also worn by kings and noble men. They were rings that showed strength and power. Also in some cases they functioned as seals for documents.

Nowadays they are symbols of elegance and beauty, giving an aristocratic feel and women wear them a lot in their daily lives.

Silver rings with stones

Silver rings with precious stones and pearls, carved or not, give a romantic, dynamic or impressive feel, depending on the color and size. During the Classical period such silver rings were small works of art. In any case, they can accompany a woman from her simplest to her most special moment.

Silver midi rings

Silver midi ring is a ring worn over the point where the finger bends. It is a modern design that gives a nice and special style to the appearance of every woman. It may have stones, be thin and carved or be a simple silver ring.

There are still many modern designs in silver rings. Whatever design a woman chooses will give beauty, uniqueness and elegance in her hands.

Shades on the silver rings

Silver can be found in its natural shade where it has a silver color or can be rhorioum plated (or oxidized) and has a dark gray or black color, as well as platinum plated and has a shiny white appearance. Also, a silver ring can be painted with enamel and have different shades. Enamel is a thin layer of powdered glass which is cover the silver giving it various colors.

So we end up having rings for all styles and tastes.

The gold plated technique

Silver can be gold plated with various techniques and to have yellow or pink color. With the term gold plated we call the thin layer of gold that is passed over the silver. There is a special gold plated technique which is done only on the silver and is called vermeil. Using this technique, gold does not wear out easily from silver, unlike simple gold plated technique. In this way we have silver jewelry which looks like gold, but is more affordable.

Also there are silver rings that have shine or matte finish.

The evolution in fashion and jewelry

Over the years, the change in fashion has combined dark colors with gold, while light colors with silver, precious stones and pearls. Of course, this is not happening nowadays. Depending on the style and style that every woman wants to adopt, she combines her jewelry.

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