Sapphire a precious stone

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Sapphire is one of the four precious stones. The first color that comes to mind when we refer to it is blue and it owes it to the small amounts of titanium and iron in the mineral corundum. However, in addition to blue, sapphire can have other colors such as yellow, green, purple, pink or be colorless, Those are called “fancy sapphires”. It is also considered ruby’s sister stone as ruby is the red corundum.

Sapphire in addition to goldsmithing due to its high hardness (9 on the Mohs scale) and before the discovery of diamonds, was used in engraving. It also had significant spiritual significance. They believed that it protects against negative energy and increases intuition. Blue sapphires in Ancient Egypt was identified with the god Horus and in Ancient Greece with the god Apollo. To this day, Buddhist monks in Tibet place a sapphire in the hands of the dying, believing it can lead him to the next life safely.

We also find it in many royal jewels of ancient and midle ages, as it was believed to protect against enemies.

The origin of sapphire

Sapphires are mainly mined in Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, India, Madagascar, South Africa and the USA.

Sapphire in goldsmithing

Sapphire due to its hardness is durable over time and wears out with difficulty. This makes it ideal for everyday jewelry as well as for engagement rings. Also due to its various colors, is being created jewelry for all tastes and occasions. Pink / orange sapphires mined in Sri Lanka are expensive and are called “padparadscha”. In the local dialect, it means “lotus flower” and they create impressive jewelry. Also, another type of sapphire that gives impressive jewelry is the so-called “Star sapphire” and is named this way because it has asteroid iridescences inside.

In addition, because sapphire is not engraved, it is used in watchmaking, stamping and some optical instruments.

What determines the value of the sapphire

Color is what mainly determines the value of a sapphire. Medium and dark tones of blue with an intense glow are considered more expensive. Also important is the purity, which means the degree of the inclusions and whether they affect the strength of the sapphire. The cleaner the stone, the higher its value. The way a sapphire is being cut is also important as it affects its appearance. It determines its symmetry and sides, the final color and how it interacts with light.

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