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Carving Eye Necklace


  • Sterling silver
  • Agate
  • Lava Stones
  • Turquoise
  • Silver Beads

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Item Information

Handmade necklace sterling silver oxidized with agate stones, lava stones, turquoise stones and silver beads.

The Eye as an amulet is one of the most famous in Greece and in many other countries. It is believed that it can protect the person who wears it from evil, envy, jealousy and negative energy.

Agate is believed that is a stone that brings strenght, protection and long life.

Lava stone is believed that is a stone that removes stress and unblocks good energy.

Turquoise is believed that is a stone that brings luck and material abundance.

Metal Information

  • Sterling silver
  • Oxidized

Chain Information

Length: 67cm

Gemstone Information

  • Agate stones
  • Lava stones
  • Turquoise stones
  • Silver Beads

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