Men’s jewelry and their evolution

People have been adorning themselves with jewelry since ancient times. The appearance of the first men’s jewelry dates back to the Stone Age. They used them mainly as amulets or as demonstration of strength.

Men’s jewelry in ancient times

Initially, men’s jewelry served as a totem. For example, fangs and claws showed the strength of a warrior and it was believed that by wearing them they gained the power of the dead beast or enemy.

In Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt priests wore bracelets and necklaces that were believed to associate them with the gods.

To the monarchs it was a symbol of wealth, power and authority and indicated their position.

The evolution of men’s jewelry

During the Middle Ages only the highest priests, the nobles and the rich wore jewelry. Precious and semi-precious stones were associated with various properties (health, strength, protection from evil, good luck, etc.) so they were widely used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Ornate royal crowns adorned with precious stones. Necklaces made of precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) decorated with precious and semi-precious stones that gave them color and glow. Chevalier rings worn by knights or nobles to seal various documents as well as to indicate the house to which they belonged.

Βracelets were mainly worn by women as jewelry. Only warriors wore bracelets made by leather, as they served as protection in battle with swords. Earrings were worn only by slaves or pirates. Although in the Eastern world the Arabs were piercing their ears and they were wearing earrings as they believed that in that way they were improving their hearing.

As the centuries passed and because of the evolution in goldsmithing, men’s jewelry became available in the middle class and more and more men began to wear them.

Men’s jewelry today

Although in the last century men’s jewelry was less common than women’s (men wore a single piece of jewelry such as a pocket watch or a ring and in some cases depending on their religion a cross on the neck), today they are considered a very important accessory to complement men’s everyday look.

Necklaces and bracelets made of various metals and stones. Simple or more sophisticated watches. Cufflinks with precious stones, enamel or various metals. Rings that can be worn on all fingers, rock or more classic. Earrings large or smaller.

There are countless designs on the market that can be combined with each other and highlight the style of each man.