Jewelry Care

All jewelry needs care to be maintained over time.

What to avoid

  • We do not sleep with necklaces or long earrings as they may be pulled and twisted or broken.
  • We never spray our jewelry with perfumes or hairspray nor do we bring them in direct contact with hand or body creams. First we use beauty products and then we wear our jewelry. This way we can keep them shiny and unchanged for much longer.
  • We never wear our jewelry when doing chores around the house (cleaning, cooking, etc.) as cleaners due to the chemicals they contain or the steam from cooking can damage our jewelry.
  • We never wear our jewelry when we exercise as sweat can damage them.

How we store our jewelry

When we want to store our jewelry, we place them in separate boxes. We never put them all together on top of each other as scratches and marks can be created and the chains from the necklaces can become entangled with each other.

To untangle necklace’s chains that have been tangled with each other we use a little powder.

How to clean our jewelry

Jewelry made of silver (not gold-plated or oxidized) and gold with nailed stones or plain, can be cleaned with hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. We dip the jewelry we want to clean in warm water in which we have dissolved a little liquid dishwashing detergent and with a soft brush (we can use a soft toothbrush) we rub lightly. Then we dry them with a soft cloth.

Jewelry with pearls we rinse them only with water and leave them in a soft cloth to dry.

How to clean gold plated and oxidized jewelry

We do not put gold plated jewelry in the water as this can damage the gilding. We can polish them with a soft cloth special for gold-plated jewelry, which can be found very easily in the market. If the gilding is quite worn, what we can do is give it to a goldsmith to gild it again and make it look like new again.

We do the same for oxidized jewelry.