How we take care of pearls

Pearls, whether they are natural or cultivable, need care to be preserved over time. Pearl is a natural organism and may show signs of wear on its surface, but with proper care it can be kept shiny.

What to avoid

  • We should not wear them while bathing as shower gels and soaps can wear them out.
  • They should not come in contact with beauty products (sprays, body creams, perfumes). First we use our beauty products and then we wear them.
  • We do not wear them when exercising. Sweat can cause them to wear out.
  • We should not store them hanging, as in pearl necklaces the silk thread where they are tied can stretch and loosen and lose its shape.
  • Do not place / store them near hot stoves as they change color.
  • We should not let them rub along with other jewelry, whether we wear them or have stored them.
  • We should not leave pearls in boxes for a long time because they can become dehydrated.

How we clean pearls

To maintain their shine we should clean them gently with water and a very soft fabric. Then we leave them on a soft surface to dry well.

How we store pearls

Pearls should be stored in boxes that they are soft inside (e.g. lined with velvet). They should be stored separately and not with other jewelry as they may be scratched. Store them horizontally and never hunging. Lastly, store them in a cool place.