How to take care of gold-plated jewelry

Our gilded jewelry can deteriorate over time. To keep them as fresh and shiny as possible, they need care.

What to avoid

  • We do not store them together with other jewelry as they can be scratched and the gilding can go away.
  • Avoid bumps and scratches.
  • Do not bring them in contact with water as it wears out the gilding.
  • We never spray them with perfumes or hairspray, nor do we bring them in direct contact with hand or body creams. First we let the beauty products dry completely on us and then we wear our gold-plated jewelry.
  • We never wear them during exercise as sweat can alter gilding.
  • We never wear them when doing chores at home as detergents due to the chemicals they contain or the steam from cooking can damage them.

How to clean gold plated jewelry

We can polish our gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth special for gold-plated jewelry, which can be found very easily in the market. If the gilding is quite worn, what we can do is give it to a goldsmith to gild it again and make it look like new.

How to store gold-plated jewelry

We store our gilded jewelry in boxes with soft interior, e.g. upholstered in velvet or foam. Or we can wrap them in a soft cloth, each one separately, so that they do not come into contact with each other.

In any case, as long as we follow the instructions for better protection of our gold-plated jewelry, they will continue to be shiny for a longer time.