Hoops earrings and their evolution over time

Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modification in the world. The first earrings date back to the Bronze Age and had a magical-religious character. Their shape were simple small circles. Over the centuries, however, they acquired various shapes.

Hoops earrings in ancient times

Sumerians made crescent-shaped earrings made of gold.

Various archeological finds in ancient Persia show that hoops earrings and other shapes were worn by soldiers.

In ancient Egypt, earrings for men signified their class while for women they were simply an ornament. They had the shape of a disk that in some cases were hunging chains with elements.

In ancient Greece hoops earrings were widespread, as we observe in various murals from archaeological finds.

Also the most typical earring shape of primitive peoples are circle earrings inside the lobes.

Later small hoops earrings were worn by pirates.

The evolution on hoops earrings

Over the centuries there has been big evolution in the manufacture of earrings especially during the Renaissance period. Later and specifically from the 1950s onwards, hoops earrings again begin to occupy a large place among the favorite accessories in the preference of women and they end up becoming a timeless choice.

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